Our people are leaving the north to prevent a repeat of June 12 – Igbo Leader

  • – Igbo trade union leader, Egonu Athanasius is calling on northern leaders to caution their youths, and urging the IGP to arrest those who issued the quit notice

– He called for equal treatment of all ethnic groups within the country in order to avoid a revolt, as he claimed Igbos have been treated unfairly

– He also urged the federal government to quickly implement the report of the 2014/15 National Conference

The president of the Igbo Market Amalgamated Traders Union, Mr. Egonu Athanasius has disclosed that some of the Union’s people have started moving their families back home to the south-south and other state in the federation as a result of the quit notice issued by the Coalition of Northern Youths.

In a chat with Daily Post, Athanasius stated that the Igbos were leaving in order to protect their families from any attacks from northern youths, saying: “I can tell you, some of my brothers have started relocating their families from being attacked by Northern youths.”

According to the Igbo leader, they did not want a repeat of what happened during June 12 and at other times.

He urged northern leaders to call their youths to order while also appealing to the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris to speedily investigate, arrest and bring to justice the Arewa youths who issued the threats to Igbo people.

Athanasius called on the federal government to implement the 2014/15 National Conference report and also urged the government to treat all ethnic groups equally in order to prevent a revolt.

In his words: “Let them treat every tribe equally. If you treat Igbo man with equal right, Igbo man will not revolt against you. If you treat Hausa man equal right, Hausa man will not revolt against you. Equally, Yoruba man and we are one nation.”

The deputy national publicity secretary of the Ohanaeze, Chuks Ibegbu said that the offence committed by the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum was worse than the one committed by Kanu upon which he was arrested and detained.


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