ASTRAY IN LOVE, Episode 24

Episode 24

My relationship with Lucy was five months and two weeks, everything has been going on smoothly and fine. It seems like it was the best relationship i have ever had. Lucy is such a caring girl, she knows what i want and what i did not want at a particular point in time. She always admitted my no to be no and my yes to be yes, she’s just too straight forward, not until one unfaithful day. I’ve been working with our commander quite sometimes, i was lucky to be among his escort. That simply means, one he’s at work, am at work and once he is off work, am off work. Even if he takes a week off, then i will also be off at work for a week. It was on Saturday, he has scheduled that day to attend a wedding ceremony at Ibadan state, i had finished preparing at home then i joined my colleges at our normal meeting point and we all went to the arm store to sign our rifles. We got to our commander’s house at about 7am and we were surprised when his wife informed us that he had traveled in his private vehicle to Abuja very early that morning. I guess it was an emergency if not he would have informed us a day or two days earlier. Five of us working in that department retired back home with happiness, that means no work for today until further notice.
When i go home, i pulled off my uniform and sat down in my parlour watching film, just as the film was getting more and more interesting, the PHCN took the light.
“What the f–k”
“Why can’t this people just allowed me to finished this film” i lamented.
Form that moment, the house was so bored, i can’t just stayed inside alone. I started thinking of where i should go and spend my weekend, certainly i have no where to go. I was still thinking of where to go when Lucy just came to my mind.
“I think i should visit Lucy today”
“Yes! Let me surprised her”
“I know she will be very happy”
“All this while she had wanted me to come”
“Today is the day”
After i thought about all this things, i changed my cloth, pick up my bike keys and left for Lucy’s house. I stopped by sweet sensation and get her ice cream, meat pie, juice and a place of fried rice with chicken. She’s all I’ve got at that moment of my life, i so much loved her. I left the eatery for her house, when i got to her house, i met her neighbour outside and i asked her if Lucy was around and she said no. I felt very disappointed
“Where could she have gone to”
“Why would Lucy went out without informing me”
“But she didn’t use to do like that before na”
“By the way, she doesn’t go to work on weekends”
“I remembered she hasn’t even called me that morning”
I was very very disappointed as that was the very first day i would be paying her a visit, she had earlier described her house for me and fortunately for me, it was a place i knew very well and that was why i didn’t wanted to call her about my coming. I turned back and i was about taking my leave, i discovered that her neighbour was standing with me all this while.
“Why was she standing with me after she told me that Lucy was not at around”
“But she’s about taking her leave immediately i turned back”
“Does it mean she did not want me to see her or what”
“But i trust Lucy na, she wouldn’t left her house for anywhere without informing me, not even to her working place”
I sat on my bike and i was about leaving, i turned my head around in order to see if her neighbour was still looking at me but she had gone inside. I came down from my bike and parked. I decided to confirmed she wasn’t at home myself. I pick up the food i bought for her and went inside. I just wanted to squeeze the handle of her door and confirmed she wasn’t at home so that i will be sure, but the reversed was the case when i almost fell down as a result of the force i applied on the door when it flung opened.
Behold, i saw my pure wife material Lucy necked underneath a guy shouting
“Give it to me baby”
“I want you badly”
They were so carried away to the extent they did not know that i had entered until the food i was holding fell off my hand and i shouted
“OH MY GOD!!!”



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