ASTRAY IN LOVE, episode 23

Episode 23

From that moment, i never took Lucy for granted again, i kept my friendship with her very tight. Ayomide on the other hand was just behaving from the sublime to the ridiculous probably because she knowns i loved her so much and i can’t do without her. I thought she is getting it wrong this time around, i have no intention of calling her or trying to persuade her in order to allow peace to reign between us. We would just talked once in a day, i now call Lucy frequently because i felt joy and happiness whenever i spoked with her.

“Why can’t Ayomide just exhibit Lucy’s character” i thought to my self. This girl possessed everything that Ayomide lacks but Ayomide’s beauty is incomparable.

“Do i have to live by her beauty or by her character” certainly not by her beauty because it will definitely fades.

Gradually, I’ve started having that feelings for Lucy but i still can’t bear it leaving my Ayomide. Soon, Ayomide started realizing all her mistakes, i guess it was because i no longer give her my maximum attention the way i use to do before. I was so sorry for her because its too late. The drastical way Lucy took over me was kind of surprising, i couldn’t control myself any longer, i wasn’t care about loosing someone i knew for the past three years for someone i just met not up to two months. I wasted no time in asking Lucy out and she had accepted with no conditions. What else did i want from Lucy, she loves me and she was proud of me, on like Ayomide that was always ashamed of showing me off.

I decided to broke up with Ayomide with immediate effect because i wouldn’t double date, it wasn’t funny to her at all, she couldn’t believed what was happening. She even fell sick as a result of the shock but i wasn’t given a damm. I’ve tried my best to put the relationship in a good shape but she was only a leopard that can’t change its spots. She now called and texted me several times without number. All her pleading was just falling on my deaf hear, how i wished i had given her a second thought.

I guess Ayomide has taken her fate when she stopped calling and texting me, it did mot even bothered me because that’s was all i desired for, i just want to be with Lucy that understood me to the fullest. Lucy is a working class lady, she stays about five kilometres away from my barracks, i no longer bothered myself to cook again as she was always doing the cooking and bring it to my house even if i did not give money for it. Anytime she came to my house, she wouldn’t waste time in bringing out my dirty clothes and wash them all. Even without my neighbour telling me, i know Lucy is a pure wife material, i wouldn’t let her slip off my hands.

But how can i love Lucy the way i loved her and at the same time still have feelings for Ayomide. Despite everything that happened, i still wish we could come back together, i just have to zero my mind, leave Ayomide in my past and concentrate on Lucy. I never knew the adage that say “A Devil you’ve known for a long time is far more better than an Angel you just know.



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