ASTRAY IN LOVE, episode 22

Episode 22

That night, i was just wondering “the

type of lady lucy was”, ” what gave her

the zeal and courage to advent me” and

moreover, “what she came to do in that

boutique as she didn’t purchased a pin

that day”.

“I will find out” i said to myself.

Ayomide came to my house that

weekend, we both catch fun, having

couple of s-x was to keep me out of

reach of those tooth picks legged girls

for months. While we are eating, i gisted

her about all that happened at the

boutique, she was just smiling when i

was talking.

“So you’ve find a lady at the boutique

now, i know you will now be going to

that boutique now to look for her in the

name of buying clothes for me” she said

with a smiling face.

I laughed, “haba, baby so you did not

trust me again” i replied on the double.

“I know you would not even try it” she

concluded. We both smile.

One problem I’ve been having with

Ayomide is her non appreciative

character, “is it that she doesn’t know

how to say simple ‘thank you’ or she

doesn’t want to say it”, that was same

thing that kept on running in my head

anytime i bought her something. I

wondered how on earth she cannot

just show appreciation whenever i

bought something for her no matter

how expensive it is. I’ve took it upon

myself to always correct her just

because i so much loved her but it’s

seriously getting out of her as she

wouldn’t just adhere to what i corrected

her for. This thing got me worried, I’ve

been loosing patient little by little, that

very day, i wasn’t happy with her at all.

“Baby won’t you at least say thank you”

i corrected her with a great dismay.

“You’ve come with your problem again”

was the word she altered.

“You complained too much” she


I couldn’t bear the anger in me at that

particular moment, though i wasn’t

ready to quarrel her.

“But how long will i continue to be

correcting her”

“Can’t she just take to correction”

“I guess she’s not ready to change”

i was just deducing to myself.

From that moment, she was not in

mood anymore, neither am i

“Is it a crime to correct someone i

loved” i asked myself

“Certainly not” i concluded

She could feel how disappointed i was

but i guess she wasn’t care. I know she

wouldn’t apologized, “that’s another

problem am facing with her”.

When will Ayomide learn how to

appreciate a little thing and at the same

time apologized whenever she’s at fault.

These two things are the problem I’m

facing in my lovely relationship, i still

hope i will be able to correct it with

patients and endurance just because of

the love i have for her. For how long will

i continue to have patience is a question

i still can’t answer but i kept on asking


As time goes on, these two altitude of

her’s are the only problem drawing line

between Ayomide and i.

“Even if i was able to cope with her non

appreciative altitude, i don’t think i can

ever bear her non ability to apologized

whenever she wrongs me, never.” I was

at home thinking of all this things after

the third day she left my house back to

school, i picked up my phone and called

lucy. It was as if she know something is

wrong with me, her consoling words

brought me back to life from the land of

icky melancholy. I couldn’t bear it but to

laughed to her cracked jokes,

“what an Angel you are” i said

“And why did you said so” she asked


“Never mind” i replied with a heart full

of joy

We talked for about fifteen minutes

before she went off, i knew i needed a

companion to quench my oxidizing

heart and Lucy just happened to fit in

the picture. I did not know if what i was

doing what right or wrong at that

moment but one thing i believed was,

“anything you doing that makes you

happy, keep it”



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