ASTRAY IN LOVE, episode 21

Episode 21

Indeed! The only thing that binds true

lovers together is trust, the maximum

trust we both have for each other

succor in keeping our relationship in

good shape. The love I’ve have for

Ayomide is undoubtable, couple with

the trust, i trusted her with my life. She

has been a great girl since when we

started dating, she trust me with her

last breath and i also trust her. For years

that we’ve been in courtship, I’ve never

have the cause to cheat on her for once

and she never cheated on me as well.

This alone tightened the love and trust

we have for each other, I’ve never loved

a girl the way i loved Ayomide and the

craziest part of it was that, she also

loved me in returned.

Mention those things a real man has to

possessed, i deem i annexed 80% of it, i

cherished what i have, I’m always

intoxicated to show her off any

anywhere and anyplace. It has become

my normal routine to always buy her

materials anytime i went for special

dutys. There is nothing i cannot get for

my Ayomide, ranging from cloths to

shoes to under wears (pants and bra)

and so on, if i can even buy her under

wears, then there is nothing i can’t buy

her. Sometimes my friends got

apologetic of me when ever i stopped at

a boutique to buy all these things, those

that of them that love the simple way i

lived my life choose to emulate me. I felt

doing all things will definitely show her

how much i loved her, which i know it

does. Mind you, if i say no girl is f—–g

beautiful in my sight apart from

Ayomide, i mean no f—–g girl. I

wouldn’t even have the cause to look at

them twice if they passed by because i

have not the intention of cheating on

my lady and i just cherished what have.

One shipshape day, i stopped by a

boutique around obantoko to do the

normal routine i use to do because

Ayomide will be coming home that

weekend. I was just contemplating

which among the jean trousers i

selected I’m going to picked for her,

likewise the T-shirts.

“This one is beautiful, she will definitely

like it”

“A young lady, probably in her early

thirties trying to availed me out.”

I turned slightly right towards her and

before me was a dark in complexion,

slim and well shaped beautiful lady. I

couldn’t help my self but to removed the

dark glass i was putting on in order to

be able to stear completely at her


“Or don’t you like this one! you are a

man and i bet you she would prefer the

one i choose” she said.

My system was totally offline at that

moment, it took me some seconds

before i could rebooted and search for

wireless network to brought back my

system online. I was carried away by

her courage, she was just too seismic.

“Yeah sure, i like it as well but i think i

will prefer this one” i almost concluded

“I know what a lady like me would like,

most especially when it comes to

modern wears” she added.

“Alright, let me pick the one you choose

then” i concluded.

“My name is Gabriel, nice meeting you” i

said smiling

“Lucy, You’re welcome” she replied.

We both shook hands.

“I’ve to go” she turned to take a leave.

“Wait, please can i have your digit” i

asked with lovely smile.

“Yeah, Sure!”

“Gramercy” i put forth while she took

her leave.

She gave me her number and left the

boutique. I was wondering what she

came to do because she did not buy

anything. I paid and left the boutique as

well, later at night that day, i decided to

call her to express my gratitude. I did

not have the intention of keeping her in

sight because i wouldn’t want anything

that will ruin my relationship with




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