ASTRAY IN LOVE, episode 20

Episode 20

I wasn’t happy with myself at all but i have no choice, not up to one hour after we left Abeokuta, Ayomide called me but i was unable to pick her calls because picking calls is not allowed while on mobile. I would have took the risk of picking the call in the first place but i wasn’t just in mood to talk to her about what happened. She called about 12 times, i left some of her calls unpicked while i hanged some of them up. After some hours she texted me, asking me the reason why i wasn’t picking her call. I then decided to text her back, i told her that her dream had finally came true, it no more a dream that i be joining those that are going to the operation but a reality, i was just unhappy as I’m going to miss her a lot.

We didn’t stop till we got to Lokoja in Kogi state, there the movement officer asked everybody to eat and buy anything we wants to buy as we are not going to stop until we gets to our final destination. While others a busy eating and buying, i was on call with Ayomide, she was crying like a small baby, i tried console her not to cry anymore but me myself was angry with myself, “who is going to beg who now” i asked myself.

We left Kogi around 4pm, our movement was very fast as we were on convoy and we had no cause to stopped, we got to Kaduna around 6pm, the artillery school was our final destination, we got there around 07:30pm. Other soldiers from different unit had already arrived earlier that day. After we were dismissed to our various hostel where we will pass that night before moving the next day. I exhausted about two thousand naira worth of airtime on calling Ayomide that night, she wouldn’t just stopped crying, it wasn’t funny that night at all.

It was on the 6th day of the month that we left Abeokuta, i had already bought food stuff worth of fifteen thousand naira, i have no choice than to give it out. I call my neighbour in order to inform her that Ayomide will be coming for the food stuff in my kitchen, she was the only person that have the keys to my house. I had instructed Ayomide to divide all the food stuff into two equal part, take one part and give the other half to my neighbour.

The next day, we were set to move, i thought i was lucky when i was categorized among those that are going to yobe state while others are for Adamawa and Bornu state. “You all should keep calm, you are going to spend only three months and you you all will returned back to your various unit” the school commandant addressed. That line of of his address boast up my morale, i couldn’t held the joy in me. “At least after three months, i will have the opportunity to see my Angel” I grinned! Little did i know that am just deceiving myself.

We took off for Yobe state the next day, we arrived there the third day, we haven’t even settled down before the insurgent launched a well coordinated attacked on us, leaving everybody in a state of confusion. We lost three soldiers instantly, that was when i know the kind of job i signed. My relationship with Ayomide was going on as expected, frequent calls and chats helps in keeping out heart in touch. Unfortunately, after the third month, we weren’t changed, we’ve been missing each others so much but i had no choice. All this while, i never make Ayomide lacks anything at all, she’s always on my mind both day and night, the love between us is like an electrovalent bond, it’s just too strong. How i wish everything can just be like this forever, We returned back to Abeokuta on the eleventh month, it was during the period that she wanted to obtained her jamb form, i know the bill is on me, all i wanted is just to see her gained an admission into a university of her choice. After her jamb examination, i tried my possible best to make sure she gained an admission that year, i used the influence of my boss to help her in securing an admission. I never wanted her to stay at home for another year again because that was the third time i paid for her jamb. Congratulations to me, I’ve just used my money to buy myself a can of worms when Ayomide finally gained an admission into University of Ibadan.



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