ASTRAY IN LOVE, episode 19

Episode 19

*****RSM on phone with the 2IC*****

RSM: Morning Sir

2IC: RSM, Good Morning

RSM: Sir, I just confirmed two soldiers among those that were nominated for northeast have ran away sir

2IC: Really?

RSM: Yes Sir

2IC: RSM are you sure they are not hiding in the barracks

RSM: No sir, the guard commander at the main gate confirmed their exit very early this morning sir

2IC: If that is the case then we have to look for two soldiers that will replace them asap

RSM: Yes sir

2IC: And we are even running out of time, they suppose to have left by now

RSM: Honestly sir

2IC: RSM, check the category in which they belonged

RSM: Sir, two of them are among those that are going to play full artillery role sir

2IC: That space must be fill with immediate effect

RSM: Sir, I’m thinking of replacing then with that Gunner (my rank) that took second position at kaduna and one Lance Bombardier (L/Bdr) among those that just reported from course last month sir

Me: ****My eyes widely opened****

2IC: Yes! We have no time. Inform those soldiers to pack their loads and joined up

RSM: That Gunner is even among the escort, he had signed his rifle already.

2IC: That very good RSM, please make it snappy

RSM: Alright sir

2IC: Call me back as soon as you get in touch with the other soldier

RSM: Ok sir, Permission sir

2IC: Carry on RSM

All this while the RSM was on call, we are all listening to their conversation as the phone was on loudspeaker. I started wondering if the RSM was with is senses, he could notice a great dismay from my look, i was very very disappointed, i felt killing him at that moment.

RSM: ****Addressing all of us**** The 2IC had earlier made this nomination known to everybody that is going to be based on merit

Me: F–k the merit as if we going there to collect money ****I was grumbling in my mind, i dare not say it out****

RSM: Nobody hates anybody, we are proud professional, so we must do our work diligently

Me: Am i the only soldier in the whole barracks, didn’t i have seniors *****Still grumbling in my mind****

RSM: “Gabriel so you are going to joined up” he ordered

Me: Looking at him

RSM: Who owns that bike ****Pointing at my bike****

Me: I’m the one sir

RSM: Ok! Go with Sergeant Suliman and park your belongings, make it snappy

Me: “Yes sir” i replied with a low morale

The sergeant joined me and we both left for my house, as we are going, a lot of thought kept running through mind.

“This RSM is a bad man ooo”

“How could he not allowed the 2IC to picked himself, he just pushed me forward”

“Am i the only soldier in this barracks”

“Is like i have offended this man”

“If not, he told me my name will be included in the first place, God helped me, and now he has succeeded in including my name again”

“Should i even fall this bike so that i will admitted at the Medical Reception Center (MRS)”

“Chai! My body ooo, this old ancient sergeant fit die ooo”

“Is like God did not like me, if not he shouldn’t have allow this evil man to succeed”

“Maybe is because of Ayomide’s dream ooo”

I kept on thinking of all this things till i got to my block, i went inside to arranged my loads, when my neighbour saw me, she inquired why I’m at home. I briefly explained all that happened to her, she was pitting me. I was almost through when i heard a vehicle horn downstair. “Gabriel commot na, how many hours you go take pack your things” a voice i did not recognized shouted. “So this people cannot even wait for, they followed me to my house, perhaps the thought i will run too” i grinned!

“I will call and explain something to you” i said to my neighbour before i rush down to joined the vehicle and we left for Kaduna immediately.

“So to performed well at course now is a crime, May God punish me if i no carry 70th position in my next course” I grumbled as we exit the gate.



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