ASTRAY IN LOVE, episode 18

Episode 18

When i got home, i looked for something to eat, i briefed my neighbour about everything, “i will leaving very early in the morning and i will drop my keys where i use to keep it” i informed her and returned back to my room. It was around 09:30pm, after taking my bath, i called Ayomide in order to let her know that i will be leaving for Kaduna the next day.

Me: *****Calling Ayomide*****

Ayomide: *****Not picking*****

Me: *****Redialing her number*****

*****Ayomide still not picking on the fourth call***** “Abi this girl don sleep ni” i thought to myself

*****On the fifth call*****

Ayomide: My baby

Me: Sweetheart, how far

Ayomide: Am fine dear and you

Me: Am good. Why aren’t you picking my call since

Ayomide: Baby am sorry, i was in the bathroom

Me: I thought as much, i was wondering if you will not call me before you go to bed

Ayomide: You know that can never be possible na

Me: Dear, i just want to tell you that i will be leaving for kaduna tomorrow morning as early as possible

Ayomide: Kaduna? What for?

Me: There are some soldiers nominated for northeast operation, we are going to escort them to Kaduna for beef up.

Ayomide: So when are you coming back

Me: I don’t think we will make it back tomorrow, that will be next tomorrow

Ayomide: Alright dear

Me: Make sure you pray for me ooo

Ayomide: You should trust me for that. So by what time are you guys leaving tomorrow

Me: The timing is 5am

Ayomide: That’s too early na

Me: Naso dem talk ooo

Ayomide: Ok dear, we will talk tomorrow, go and sleep now so that you will wake up early

Me: Alright dear, Good night

Ayomide: Good night

Me: I love you

Ayomide: Love you too Darling

*****Hanged Up*****

Before i slept, i set my alarm to 04:00am so that i will wake up early, bath, eat and probably do one or two things before the given time. Around 04:20am, my phone started ringing, i looked at it the screen and it was Ayomide. “Won’t this girl sleep” i murmured before i managed to picked the call

Me: Hello Dear

Ayomide: My baby

Me: Aren’t you sleeping

Ayomide: I thought you will have been preparing na

Me: Preparing? Won’t i sleep at all

Ayomide: But you said you guys are leaving by 5am and it’s 04:22am now

Me: Jesus! ****Flashed my torchlight at my wall clock**** I don die! Day don break now now

Ayomide: *****Laughing***** No! Continue sleeping, it’s just 01:00am

Me: Baby i will call you back, let me take my bath

Ayomide: *****Still Laughing***** Alright dear

I rush to the bathroom immediately, brush my smelling mouth. Within one minute, I’m already out of the bathroom, i put on my uniform, put some things i know i will definitely need in my camel bag. I decided to take Golden Morn since am already late and i can’t cook again, i then called Ayomide at about 04:46am

Me: ****Calling****

Ayomide: My Baby

Me: Dear thanks for waking me ooo, i for buy job today

Ayomide: ****Laughing**** Sleepy Sleepy Boo

Me: I will be leaving any moment from now

Ayomide: Ok! But baby, I’m afraid ooo

Me: Why are you afraid

Ayomide: Honestly i dreamt that u are asked to replace someone among those that are nominated because of performance at Kaduna when you are on course

Me: Baby chill! The final list has been shortlisted already. They are leaving this morning, there will be no room for that IJN

Ayomide: Amen! I prayed so ooo

Me: Let me start going

Ayomide: Alright, Take care of your self

Me: I will dear, love you!

Ayomide: I love you too

The distance of my house to soldier’s club is about 2.5 kilometers, “Thank God I’ve a motorcycle, that will hasting movement” I thought while coming down from the staircase. I quickly make way to the arm store in order to sign my rifle.

When i got to soldier’s club, i was around 05:10am. “So you cannot keep to timing” the escort commander barked at me. “Am sorry sir” i replied with a low voice. He ordered me to joined up. Around 05:20am, we were set to move but two soldiers are missing. “Where the hell are they” The RSM requested! “Sir, all effort to get in touch with them on phone was negative.” Warrant Officer Nbet replied. When i discovered they are not here, i had ordered two soldiers to go to their house and confirmed, their neighbour confirmed that they’ve left their house this morning around 04:00am with their bags.

“No doubt! Those soldiers has ran away, the are definitely afraid of going to northeast.” The RSM murmured in dismay. “Let me place a call to the guard commander at the main gate if he saw them” WO Nbet suggested. The RSM nodded in affirmative.

After he make the call, he said the guard commander confirmed the exit of two soldiers with bags tied on their motorcycle’s.

“I thought as much, then we have to replace them with immediate effect” RSM concluded.

“God! Am still not save.” I murmured and i started praying.



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