ASTRAY IN LOVE, episode 17

Episode 17

Ayomide: If you betray me, i will never forgive you and you will not see peace neither

Me: Is that all

Ayomide: ****Looking at me amazed**** Yes

Me: Baby! I’m giving you my words today, i will never betray you, i will not cheat on you and i will always stand by you till the end

Ayomide: I love you dear

Me: Love you too baby

****We both kissed each other****

The love i have for Ayomide is Unconditional, i love her with the whole of my heart and i have made up my mind to fulfil all the promises i made to her no matter the condition. I dropped her at the park that evening, when i returned home, i cleaned up my room including my stained bed sheet. After some minutes, i called her to confirm her location, and she said she’s close to her house, she later called me after some minutes that she arrived at home safely. We spoked for about fifteen minutes before she said she wants to rest, i know she is weak. “Call me whenever you wake up” i requested before she hanged up.

All that happened that day kept on flashing through my mind, i was happy because i know i have seal a blood covenant with Ayomide, i have always wished i will have her as my future partner. I guess this is the time to work towards it. The next day at work, they will not allow us to rest with their northeast nomination as if there are no soldiers over there. The only thing that kept on bothering me is the fact that i will be leaving Ayomide if my name is included.

“Everybody should be on standby, you can be called upon at any f—–g time. Make sure you did not leave the four walls of this barracks without permission” the 2ic instructed before the dismissal of the closing parade for that day.

*****Later that night*****

At tattoo, the 2ic showed up, he hasn’t be coming to tattoo before, if he has any information to pass across, he will ordered the adjutant to relate it to us.

“Why is he here this night”

“Did he wants to call the names”

“But he did not use to come to tattoo before na”

“Let here what he wants to say first”

“I hope he did not come here because of this nomination of a thing ooo”

“What is their problem self”

“I think everything will come to an end this night if he call the names”

“There will be no more standby”

We murmured among each others before he joined us.

After normal protocol has been observed, he greeted us. “Am sure you people know the reason why am here” he asked. “Anyway, am here because of the signal for nomination of soldiers we received form the headquarters for operation “lafiya dole (peace by all means)” in the northeast. Am happy to announce to you all that the names has been shortlisted, I’m going to give the list to the clerk to call out the names now. Mind you, the nominated soldiers are to report to this very place by 0500hrs (05am tomorrow morning), as the you all will be moving to kaduna for beef up (joining other soldiers from other unit).” He concluded before handing over the list to the duty clerk.

The clerk wasted no time in calling out the names, he called my name when he got to number ten with a concluding voice. My heart beat as if it’s going to pound out. The 2ic cut in, “if u heard you name, prepare yourselves as are going to escort those soldiers to kaduna tomorrow.”

“Thank God” i breathed with a deep relief but I’m still afraid the list might be altered later…



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