ASTRAY IN LOVE, episode 16

Episode 16

I really don’t know the first step to take due to the fact that I’ve not done it before. I decided to make a move as backing me while she was cleaning her body, i was putting on only boxer with my joystick 101% ready for action. I stood up form the bed, i walk towards her and grabbed her from behind with my hands on her two oranges. She could feel my joystick, “Baby stop it” she murmured. I did not responded, instead i started tickling the tip of her two oranges. She let out a soft morn, i was still on the tip of her two oranges and at the same time kissing her neck. Suddenly, she grabbed my joystick, it was as if an electric current was passed into me, I’ve never experienced such feeling in my life, i loose my senses instantly and before i could get myself together, we were both lying on the bed. I did not even know when flung boxer away, we were still kissing each other, her left hand stroking my joystick while i was sucking her oranges. Ayomide was already carried away, i pounded on her, i wasted no time in inserting my joystick into her wet honey pot but it wasn’t entering. I wondered what was happening as i tried several times. All of a sudden, i gained entrance and i was in, she grabs the blanket both left and right with her two hands, i just go in and out slowly.

After about one minute, it was like i was going to Paradise when i felt something coming out of my joystick, i felt relief after i discharges the milk inside her, she was lying helplessly on the bed. I looked at her and tears was rolling down her eyes, i felt guilt and at the same time pitted her. I stood up and my joystick was covered with blood, my bed sheet was as well stained with blood. “This girl is a virgin sha” I thought to my self in fear. I helped her to stand so that she could go to the bathroom and clean up herself but she was too week to stand not to talk of to walk.

I was very afraid and confused, “what will i do now” i kept on asking my self. I started begging her to stand up as if it was on her own that she did not what to stand up. At that moment, she was just crying helplessly, putting me in great fear. “Should i called peter on what to do?” i thought to myself while i clean her tears and at the same time begging her. I decided to carry her to the bathroom since she can’t walk on her own, i carried her to the bathroom and clean her up, i also cleaned up myself. She then managed to walk back to the bedroom, she was still crying while continued begging her to stop crying.

Ayomide: Gabriel why did you do this to me

Me: ****Which kind question be this now, no be you first start am**** Baby please stop crying na! “I did nt know is going to be like this” i pleaded!

Ayomide: You did not know what?

Me: Baby! Honestly, this is my first time on having s-x with a lady. I’ve never try it before

Ayomide: ****Looking at me in amazed**** Stop pretending!

Me: Dear why would have to lie for you, I’m serious

Ayomide: Let me just tell you!

Me: ****Afraid****



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