ASTRAY IN LOVE, episode 15

Episode 15

Me: Hello Dear

Ayomide: My Baby

Me: How are doing?

Ayomide: Am fine and you

Me: Am Cool jare

Ayomide: How is today’s work

Me: We thank God ooo

Ayomide: But why is your voice kind of dull, any problem

Me: Not at all

Ayomide: Common! You don’t use to answer me like this now

Me: There is no problem jare, just that I’m missing you

Ayomide: ****Laughing**** when last did we see each other that you’ve started missing me

Me: Am i suppose to have interval that i will be missing you

Ayomide: Hmmm! Ok ooo, maybe i will come over this weekend

Me: Maybe?

Ayomide: ****Laughing**** Alright i will come

Me: Ok dear

Ayomide: Have you eaten

Me: Am not even hungry

Ayomide: Just like that, dear hope everything is fine

Me: You know i will not lie to you na

Ayomide: Ok ooo

Me: Later dear

Ayomide: Alright dear

Me: Love you

Ayomide: Love you too

I was too cold to tell Ayomide what am really facing, i just want to see her even if it will be the last time. On fourth day at work, i met with my clerk in order to confirmed if my name was included, but he was unable to help me out with my request. “The 2ic is the one compiling the names” he concluded.

That weekend, Ayomide called me that she’s already on the way, i just free up my mind as if nothing is happening. Most of the intelligent personnel at the gate now recognized her, i need not to go and pick her anymore. I’ve already prepared noodles before she came, after we finished eating she returned the dishes to the kitchen and wash them. The heat in the was just too much because the PHCN has taken the light some hours before she came. “I want to take my bath” she requested. “Let me take my bath first” I suggested. “No problem dear” She replied. After i finished bathing, i gave her my second towel, she then removed her clothes right in from of me. “Omo see pointing br*st and well shaved p**sy ooo” I thought to my self. Instantly, my eyes reacting to what i saw send a message to my brain and my brain then passes the message to the whole of my system. My system, reacting to the message sent from the brain make me gained 100% erection. I did not allow her to noticed as i was lying on the bed with my legs fold, she tie the towel around her chest and went to took her bath.

Immediately she left, series of thought start running through my mind.

“Should i make a move when she comes out”

“But she might get angry ooo”

“But I’ve tried enough since all this while na”

“Why did she even remove her clothes in front of me in the first place”

“Maybe she wants to use it to test me ooo”

“But what is my name is among those that are going to this operation”

“Won’t i loose this girl with everything I’ve done for her”

I was still in thought when she came out of the bathroom. “What should i do now” i asked myself….



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