ASTRAY IN LOVE, episode 13

Episode 13

I entered the parlour and sat down beside her, looking at each other, she could feel the love & affection i have for her, i turned and face her, then grab her hands, looked into her eyes, i was carried away by her beauty, and at long last, i broke the silence.

Me: Ay

Ayomide: Yes

Me: Honestly! I’ve been try to hide my feelings for you since all this while but i can’t just control myself. Baby! I see true love in your eyes, i don’t think my eyes and my heart are deceiving me. Form the day we met at the Mr Biggs, I’ve started having a strong affection for you. I tried my best not to feel anything for you but I failed, i truly need you by my side.

Ayomide! I love so much! I want to spend the rest of my life with you!

Ayomide: ****Silence****

Me: ****Shaking her hands** Please! This love is for real!

Ayomide: What took you so long

Me: Am so sorry, i was afraid!

****Happy**** “So this girl has fallen for me since all this while” I thought to myself.

We both stood up, i was still holding her hands, we looked at each other speechlessly, and then i gave her a passionate hug. After some seconds, i drew back, looked into her eyes, i clearly see true love and we started kissing each other.

“To new love, relationship, friendship, everlasting joy and God’s approval” she said joyfully as we toast with two cups of juice and we both smile. That particular moment was extremely great, I’ve never have such feelings for a Lady before. It was as if i was in the Paradise.

*****my hands around her waist*****

*****her hands across my neck*****

Ayomide: Gabriel! Promise me you won’t leave me

Me: I swear with my life

Ayomide: Are you sure?

Me: 101% dear, I’m giving u my words

Ayomide: I love you

Me: Love you too

We continued kissing, i lifted her up and dropped her on my bed in the bedroom, we continue kissing as if that was going to be the last day we will kiss each other. We were so deep in the kiss that she couldn’t control herself any longer, i raise her gown up and i was about doing the needful when she tapped my hand, she regained herself, sat upright and adjusted her cloth.

Ayomide: Not now, not today please

Me: Why not

Ayomide: Nothing

Me: ****Curious**** Why can’t you tell me now

Ayomide: Did you truly love me with your whole heart

Me: ****Move close to her**** My left hand on her chick, ****I took a deep breath**** Ayomide it is you or no one, I’m giving you my words, i did not have the intention of taking advantage of you in any way. I so much love you. Without you, my life will be like a broken pencil, Pointless…

****Tears from nowhere formed in my eyes, I just wanted to pour our out my heart****

Ayomide: ****Stopped the tears from rolling down**** She couldn’t alter a word

Me: Give me your heart and i promise never to let you down

Ayomide: You can have it, but there is one thing

Me What’s that dear, just tell me

Ayomide: ****Deep breath**** Can you withstand the fact that i still have my virginity intact

Me: What did you just say it intact? Ayomide: My Virginity

Me: ****Smiling**** Are you kidding me?



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