ASTRAY IN LOVE, episode 12

Episode 12

****On Call****

Peter: Guy how far

Me: Am cool

Peter: I just wanna ask if your Sama(Babe) is still coming

Me: Sure! I will call you as soon as she arrived

Peter: Ok baba, No P!

Me: Alright na

Peter: Hanged up

I quickly round up with the cooking, dish my neighbour’s own in her food flask, “thank me later” i said jokingly while i handed over the flask to her. I rushed to the bathroom to take my shower, i spent about 15 minutes in there as if i wants to bleach. I came out, dressed up in a nice jean with a perfect t-shirt, spray my perfume and at the same time applied a my room spray. “Abeg Nepa, make una no f–k me up ooo” I said to myself. I decided to watch film and at the same time anticipated her call. At about 09:40 am, Ayomide called!

Me: Baby girl

Ayomide: I’m in Abeokuta, am already on bike to the address you sent to me earlier

Me: “No problem dear, just give a call as soon as you get there, a friend of mine will come and pick you up

Ayomide: Alright

I called peter immediately and his number wasn’t reachable. I tried his second line and it wasn’t reachable as well, “Chai, this guy na b—–d ooo, why did he off his phone this die minute” I murmured looking pissed off. “Ok! Let me rush and check him at home” i thought immediately. I picked up my bike key, make way downstair and headed to his house. I did not even bother to knock when i got to his house, i just open his door and entered inside. I met him playing game with his laptop.

Me: “What the hell is wrong with you” I barked at him!

Peter: ****Surprised**** Guy what happened na

Me: Na water happen! Why was your line switch off

Peter: Oh boi! ****He picked of his phones and checked the screen**** “Omo i did not know that this stupid phone is off ooo, No ves jare, she don show?” He ask smiling at me!

Me: Idiot! Go and pick her joor, yeye Soldier!

Peter: “Hope this girl will not even kill you, this one that you want to kill me because of your girl like this” He said jokingly!

Me: It’s non of your business idiot, just go and pick her

Peter: No prob mad man! Let me start going

****We both laughed****

Me: Alright

I retired back to my house immediately, i was about entering inside when i received a text message. I opened it and it was no one but Ayomide, “Come and pick me, am there” was the content of the text. I called Peter immediately and informed him, “Chill! I’m close” he replied and hanged up. I then call Ayomide and informed her that someone is coming to pick her up and he will be there shortly. Not up to a minutes! Peter called me.

Me: How far

Peter: I’ve the package

Me: Alright, Thanks!

Peter: ****Hanged up****

I sat down on my chair, i was enjoying West life music, after some minutes, i heard a knock on my door. I stood up, reduced the volume of my music, adjust my cloth, walk to the door and opened it.

Behold! Ayomide appeared in a mini gown, looking like an Angel sent from above, i couldn’t help myself as i stare at her from head to toes. Her front view alone can make a married man commit an adultery, not to talk of her back side. “Come inside” i raised the curtain! Peter winked at me! “Catch you later bro” we shook hands before he took is leave.

I entered inside and locked the door, Ayomide was still standing!

Me: “Have your seat or are you afraid of sitting down” i ordered her.

Ayomide: “Nice interior, your room smells nice, well arranged” that was all she said before taking her seat.

Me: “Thank you dear ” i replied.

Ayomide: You’re welcome!

Me: So! How was your journey? ****Opening my refrigerator, brought out a five alive juice, pick a glass cup, dropped it on the table and served her****

Ayomide: Fine!

Me: Let’s thank God for journey mercy

Ayomide: Yeah ****Sipping her juice****

She was starring at the television and at the same time feeling the underground west life music i was playing. We continued gisting for a while before i stood up and make way to the kitchen, i dish the food for both of us, put it in a tray and brought it to the parlour.

Me: Let’s eat ****Opening the food**** The aroma coming out of the food was enough to satisfy a hungry person.

Ayomide: Where did you get this food?

Me: ****See jamb question**** I cooked it!

Ayomide: Really?

Me: Yes!

Ayomide: Waoo! You are a good cook


Me: ****Smiling**** Thank you

After having a nice breakfast with her, i pack the dishes to the kitchen, i was about entering the parlour. I stopped by the door and took a deep breath. “Back to business, Now! Let me do the needful” i said to myself before entering!



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