ASTRAY IN LOVE, episode 9

Episode 9

Me: ****Calling Ayomide****

Ayomide: Hello oga soldier

Me: Baby girl, what’s up

Ayomide: Am cool and you

Me: Fine jare, how was your day

Ayomide: We thank Baba God ooo

Me: That’s nice

Ayomide: And how is Abeokuta?

Me: Abeokuta is fine ooo, life here is pretty simple most especially in the barracks

Ayomide: Really

Me: Yeah! Not like sango “You know what i mean now” I murmured jokingly.

Ayomide: You are not serious ****We both laugh**** So what’s the latest?

Me: Hmmmm! The latest is, i want you to come to Abeokuta

Ayomide: “To do what?” She asked surprisingly

Me: I just want to see you

Ayomide: Me! “Come to Abk” she asked curiously. Moreover! If u want to see me, you know my house

Me: ***She wan dey form innocent be that*** No now! it’s not like that

Ayomide: Then is like how

Me: You know am a young soldier, i cannot start applying for pass now. Moreover, they will think i want to start taking an advantage of the fact that am serving in my state.

Ayomide: That’s true, you have a point

Me: ***Chai! I be Baddo*** So that’s why… Infact I’ve missed you self

Ayomide: ***Smiling*** What did u miss about me

Me: Don’t worry, i will tell you when u come

Ayomide: So! When did u want me to come

Me: On Saturday!

Ayomide: ****Hmmmm**** Today is Tuesday, I will think about it and give you feedback on Friday

Me: Alright dear i will be expecting

Ayomide: Ok

Me: So where are you now

Ayomide: At home

Me: Doing what

Ayomide: Just lying down. What about you

Me: Soldier’s Club

Ayomide: Soldier’s Club?

Me: Yes

Ayomide: What are you doing there

Me: Just having fun, playing snooker

Ayomide: Hmmm….

Me: Any prob about that

Ayomide: Not at all

Me: Alright dear

Ayomide: Just take care of yourself

Me: I will! And u too

Ayomide: Alright

Me: Bye

Ayomide: Bye

Me: Hung Up…

It was past 8 already, i left soldier’s club for my house. When i got home, i was tired and unable to cook, i decided to check on Mummy Teni if she has something in her kitchen that she can offer me, Mummy Teni is my neighbour, i stayed in room 1 while she stays in room 2, her husband was among those who conducted our screening exercise but unfortunately for him, he was nominated to Maiduguri for an internal operation before i came back form training. Mummy Teni and i have been so closed since the very first day i moved into that my room. We do call eachother Neighbour by name…

Me: ****Knocking at her door****

Mummy Teni: Who is that

Me: Neighbour! Neighbour!!

Mummy Teni: Neighbour?

Me: Abeg con open door joor

Mummy Teni: ****Door opens****

Me: Good evening ma

Mummy Teni: Good evening ***Paving way for me to enter inside***

Me: I thought you would have slept

Mummy Teni: I just want to finish with this film before i go to bed jare

Me: Alright! Where is Teni

Mummy Teni: He’s inside sleeping

Me: Sleepy Sleepy

Mummy Teni: ***Laughing*** Leave my son alone ooo. Where are you coming from by this time of the day

Me: Soldier’s Club

Mummy Teni: Ok

Me: Please is there anything eatable in this house

Mummy Teni: Yes! I cooked beans in the evening, should i bring it for you

Me: You still asking again, what brought me here if not food

Mummy Teni: ***Smiling*** You will not kill me

Me: Abeg bring package it for me jare

Mummy Teni: Went into the kitchen and came out with a flask

Me: That’s why i like my neighbour

Mummy Teni: Na you sabi

Me: Till tomorrow jare

Mummy Teni: Alright good night

Me: Thanks so much, good night!

Mummy Teni: ***Shut the door***

After i finished eating, I sat down on my bed, initiated a chat with Ayomide. She replied instantly as if she has been waiting for my message, we chatted for about 30 minutes before i slept off.



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