Episode 5

It was all fun as all my friends that heard that am back came to say hi to me, i earned a lot of respect from both elders and younger ones. I have make an arrangement to be going back to kaduna on the fifth day, spend the sixth day on road and rest on the seventh day before resuming back. A day before i decided to leave for Kaduna, i went out to buy my younger ones snacks at Mr Biggs in Sango. After buying everything i needed, on coming out of the Mr Biggs, i saw one of my secondary school mate. Her name is Ayomide, she was a commercial student while am a science student. I was so surprise as she has change drastically, her face, her b**bs and everything thing about her has changed totally. Not like when we are in school that everything looks small. I called her name!

Me: Ayomide!…

Ayomide: T Boy! What’s up (In an amazing voice)

Me: Ayomide!… (Surprised)


Me: Waoo! Longest time

Ayomide: Abi ooo

Me: U looking cute

Ayomide: Thank!

Me: Oh boy! Gone are those days in school when u look small but now you have chop up

Ayomide: (Smiling) Funny u! You’re not serious

Me: So where u heading to

Ayomide: Am going to a friend’s house

Me: Really!

Ayomide: Yes, What about you

Me: I just came to bought some things for my younger ones here (Pointing at the Mr Biggs)

Ayomide: That’s nice

Me: Come on! Let go inside

Ayomide: Ok

Me: Hope you not in hurry

Ayomide: Not at all

Me: Alright

We entered inside the Mr Biggs and we sat down at the extreme end, I asked her what she would like to take and she said she’s ok with soft drink. I stood up and walked to the attendant, i asked him to give me one sprite with one table water and two meat pie. I asked him to prepare another ice cream and keep it aside. I returned back to the table where we sat down with what i ordered, i served her and we started gisting. We gisted about our school life back then, our teachers and how wicked they are, we both laughed. I asked her if she had gained an admission into university and she said she is still in the admission market. “What about you” she asked. I’m now a soldier, infact i just came to see my families. She was very surprised, “all within this short period” she asked in a surprised manner. “Na God ooo” i replied her with a smile on my face.

We’ve already spent close to an hour, she looked at her wrist watch and said “T boy, i have to go now”. Sure, i should also be on my way now. We both stood up and headed towards the entrance, i stopped by to collect the ice cream i paid for, i collected it and gave it to her. When we got outside!

Ayomide: Thanks so much am very grateful

Me: You are welcome dear! Less i forgot, please can i have your digit

Ayomide: Sure

Me: (Removing my phone from pocket)

Ayomide: (Collected my phone) +234080********

Me: Collected my phone from her, dialing her number

Ayomide: (Phone Rings)

Me: Alright! That’s my number

Ayomide: I will save it

Me: I will give you a call later in the day

Ayomide: I will be expecting

Me: Just take care of yourself

Ayomide: Sure! I will

Me: Bye

I make way to my house, i stopped and turned around to see her again. This girl is f—–g making sense, see as everything about her is just tempting, i think i have to give her a second thought, “i can’t allow this fish to pass me by”, I thought to my self as i stopped a bike man.

Little did i know that, that is the beginning of my problem….



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