I came back from site around 4pm, i met my mum at home and i ask her if she was able to raise anything. She gave me the sum of 6,000 Naira, i added it to this 4,000 Naira Bode gave to me at the site including the 1,500 that was given to me by bode boss for the work i did. I went straight to the market and purchased all that i needed. The next morning, i dressed up and i was about leaving when my mum started crying, i asked her why she was crying and she said she heard that people use to die or got their legs broken in Depot Nigeria Army. I smile, patted her shoulder and told her that all i needed is her prayer, she then pray for me for about 5 minutes and i cut her short. I told her i have to leave now in order for me not to be late. Kenny help me to the park with my bags and i left for Abeokuta.

We were properly checked before entering the luxurious bus, it was my first time entering it as i have not embark on a long distance journey before. We go to kaduna after about 16 hours drive, we all form one single line as we moved into the training premises with out bags on our head.

Inside there was a different world entirely as we are going to spend our 6 months of training without stepping out till we finish. The first training we received was the removal of our civilian mentality and replacing it with Military mentality, that day wasn’t funny at all, it was that same day i realized why soldiers are always wicked and the reason why they don’t take nonsense from any bloody civilian. We were been addressed as recruit, that’s the general title giving to everybody in training and not until you pass out before that title will be lifted and replaced with your rank.

Two months gone and it still looks like i have just spent 2 years and i will still have to spend another 4 years, it was hell but i kept on enduring because i have to make a lot of people proud, making my mum proud remains my number 1 priority. I kept on following the adage that says to be a man is not a day job and that nothing good comes easy. These words keep moving me and pushing me beyond my limit even wen i felt i can’t meet up with one or two task given to me. One day i said to myself, truly! WHO NO COME NO GO KNOW!

Five months gone and i started seeing my self as a soldier because we are been treated like a soldier. No more beating, we dress well to class, we now putting on Camouflage, everyday Rehearsal on our passing out parade (POP). I can’t just imagine myself becoming a soldier in one month time, it’s a dream to come true.

At last! I’m a soldier! I can’t believed what my eyes are seeing, If u have ever gone through what i went through then u would know what i meant. Victory is from God alone, I said to myself while i change to civil wears. I wanted to go and explore the town for the past 6 months. The next day, those of us that were posted to the corps of Artillery were ordered to pack our belongings as our vehicles are ready and we will be moving to Kachia LGA there in Kaduna State. We got to the barracks and were welcomed to the corps school. The Admin Officer told us that where we are now is the Corps of Artillery school and here is where we will be attending all our courses throughout our carrier as an artillery soldier. He further explained that we will be here for the duration of 3 months and all we will learn is the basic things about the corps. From the way am seeing things, it all getting interesting as i am now expose into new life entirely.



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