When i got home my mum welcomed me, she asked me if i have informed my twin brother and i said yes. I am Taiwo while my twin brother is Kenny. We not too identical and that’s why i don’t normally do things together despite the fact that we came to this world with the same placenta. My dad on the other hand wasn’t on my side, he wasn’t even the one that signed my form when i purchased it. All these things happened because he choose not to value is own children, i persuaded my elder brother to do the signing aspect for me. When i told my dad about my plans, he did not alter a single word, he just look at me and continue watching is television. I left him with the determination that i will go and come back and he will be surprise by my progress.

That night i place a call to one of my friend, is name is bode, we went to the same secondary school, bode did not have the intension of going to high institution right from our secondary just because he knew he is not that good academically. He has made up is mind to go and learn bricklayer as soon as he finishes with his final examination (WAEC). While the phone is still ringing the thought of getting a positive answer ran through my mind.

Me: Phone still Ringing

Bode: Hello

Me: Guy how far now

Bode: Bobo I’m fine ooo

Me: How is your side

Bode: Not too bad.. We’re pushing it little by little

Me: Let just keep thanking God for the gift of life

Bode: Yeah! This one that you call by this time of the day, hope there is no problem?

Me: Guy i just need a little help from you

Bode: Haba! u be my padi now, just name it i will give u if i have it

Me: U know i told u about my plan joining the Army

Bode: Yeap! Sure!! Sure!!! The tin don work?

Me: Yes! Am shortlisted among the successful applicant

Bode: Guy congratulation ooo… At least if u come back i will be looking for troubles especially those omo onile (Area Boys) that use to disturb us at site.

Me: Leave me alone! That’s not my problem

Bode: Then what’s your problem, u suppose to be happy by now.

Me: We are asked to report back to Abeokuta next tomorrow with some required items and we will be leaving for Kaduna that same day. But my main problem is that i did not have enough money to get all those things we were asked to bring.

Bode: That’s a big problem ooo

Me: Am telling u

Bode: So what’s the next thing now

Me: I don’t know if i can follow you to site tomorrow so that i will work as a labourer, at least i will use the money to buy some of those items

Bode: That’s a good idea brother! I will tell my boss about it as soon as we dropped now. I’m very sure he would allow you

Me: Thanks so much ( In a soft voice)

Bode: You welcome! So how did u intend getting the rest of the money

Me: I have called my elder brother and my elder sister but no positive response. My mum said she will also look for means by tomorrow morning

Bode: Ok! I will come along with the 4,000 Naira am having too. I will give it to you tomorrow at site

Me: Thanks so much, am very very grateful

Bode: That’s why we are friends

Me: Thanks so much

Bode: No problem brother Good night!

Me: Good night, see you tomorrow

Bode: Alright…. Hang Up….

I was very happy at that moment. Bode is indeed a good friend, i thought to myself.



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