The Guardians; episode 92

*********episode 92*******
A strange voice answered;
“Yes put her on the line. It is
important I speak with her”
Kareem saw that the voice did
not sound like that of the DMI
director he spoke with earlier
and he said;
“Ifeoma, is everything okay
over there?”
Ifeoma answered;
“Yes he is Quadri Muhammad:
commandant of the Palace
“Oh” Kareem said and he
passed the phone to the
“Hello, who am I on to?” The
president said
“Good morning ma’am, I am
sorry you have had to pass
through all this”
The president recognized the
voice immediately;
“Quadri, how nice to hear
your voice and it gladdens me
that you are on my side in
“It is my duty to be on your
side and anywhere else would
be betraying you. I would love
to send some men over to be
at your side but Kuyi and
Ifeoma are playing this close
to their hearts and they are
keeping the number of people
in the know on a low. I am
sure the governor will be a
good host”
“I don’t think we would need
extra men here and if Ifeoma
thinks we should keep it on
the low, then we should”
“Okay ma’am, please give the
phone to the governor, we
want to have a word with
She handed to phone over to
Kareem who said;
“When this is over, you guys
realize that you owe me one
huge fat lunch right? But I am
not sure who will cook it, I
don’t trust you military guys
that much plus Ifeoma might
try to kill me”
“Kareem just keep her safe
and after this is over, you can
make as much jokes as you
want” Ifeoma said
“Okay, you want to be all
serious, I was about to
arrange for a press
conference when you called
me. The sooner we get her in
front of some cameras, the
better for all of us”
Ifeoma paused a little, exhaled
and said;
“You can’t do that Kareem”
“What can’t I do?”
“You can’t call a press
conference yet”
“Why can’t I? and what would
I be waiting for?”
“We hve another situation
here that we are trying to sort
out which is why we said the
team that brought her should
come to Abuja”
“What is the situation?”
He heard the voice of the one
they call Kuyi;
“You don’t need to know sir,
just realize that the situation
is very important”
Now Kareem was getting
“What do you mean I don’t
need to know? This is a coup
we are talking about and the
sooner we quash this, the
better for all of us”
“Kareem, please just wait a
little and trust us” Ifeoma said
“You know why you called me
Ifeoma? Because you know I
would not allow anything stop
me from getting our
democracy back and let it
continue on track not even if
you ask me to. So you better
start talking or you will be
watching the president grant
interviews in thirty minutes”
“They have Folake”
Kareem kept quiet for a bit;
“Who the hell is Folake?”
“My daughter”
Kareem felt the pain in her
voice as she said that and he
pitied her but instead of the
pity to overwhelm his anger,
the anger grew within him;
“You mean those crazy people
have my niece? Where do they
have her?”
“In Aso Rock, and they are
threatening to torture and kill
her unless we deliver the
President to them”
“Look Ifeoma, I know this is
hard and having you might
think Folake is more
important but this is the
future of a whole nation we
are talking of. I know I would
be upset if anyone touches my
kids too but what is
happening here is bigger that
At this Kuyi came in;
“And that’s why the president
is in your care. You can
choose to make that call right
now but we just want you to
give us some time. This is 6am
and we have the location of
the girl in the house. We just
need some time to get to her
and bring her out. I am sure
you understand this”
Kareem paused for almost a
minute and said;
“Okay, I will give you some
time but on one condition”
Kuyi said;
“What do you want?”
“I want the head of the mad
man that came up with the
plan to involve my niece in this
Kuyi smiled to himself and
“You will have to queue
behind me for that sir as I
plan to decorate my shelf with
his skull”
“Okay do what you have to do
and update me and Ifeoma,
it’s going to be okay; you are
the best military head I know
and I know youwill get her


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