twist of fate episode 24

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Episode 24

Benny woke up with an headache,she had cried before falling asleep

Good morning ma*she greated mrs Dim who was beside her

Morning dear, I guess it time for you to go home, you have done more than enough

okay ma*she stood up and stretched herself lazily*

take care of yourself mrs Dim said

Instead of going home Benny took a taxi to Vivian s place, they hadn’t talk since the incident that happened between them.Vivian was a student at uni lag but she stayed off camp.She barged into the house without even knocking, Vivian was to occupied with her morning s*x that she didn’t even take note of Benny’s presence.She had to clap her hands to announce her presence.Vivian disengaged immediately she had thought it was her neighbour Jemilla since she had actually stolen Daniel from her.

Daniel picked up his clothes and left quite


Dont you…

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