A twist of fate episode 21

Episode 21

Phillip parked his car in front of Sophie house, he was d–n scared. He made the sign of the Cross before coming down.

He knocked the gate twice

wetin you dey find? Aminu asked as he flung the gate open

Abeg Your madam dey house?

Fin boy my oga don warn me say make i know allow any person come inside

Abeg na*Phillip tucked his hand into his pocket and brought out 2 clean 1 thousand naira note.

I no collect abeg, I know wan loose my job.

He looked the gate immediately, phillip was devastated as he entered his car and sat down waiting for any opportunity.


Sophie sat on her bed crying, no i won’t give up easily,she stood up and went downstairs

Where are you going? the tall bodyguard asked

And what’s your business? Sophie asked bodly

You will know what is

my business when i won’t let you out of the gate.

Sophie knew she won’t get what she want by playing tough she decided to plead

please i won’t take long

oh really. are wasting your time

let me give you 50thousand or more, just let me go out.

Your father made us understand your account has been frozen

Sophie was shocked at that outburst, she couldn’t believe her father could do such to her.She took her heels and ran upstairs, she didn’t know how long she cried before she dozed off.

She woke up lazily only to find out it was morning already, she had never slept that long, she stood up

Her door was flung open by the body guard

Excuse me, can’t you knock.*she said with rage*

Uh sorry

Sorry for your generation

your dad says Ekpansi and i would be taking you to the airport. Please get ready your flight is scheduled 10am

Whatever. *She closed her door immediately and gave a long hiss.


Henry sat down in his office,am i really doing the right thing he thought. He had asked the body guards to take Sophie to the airport because he wouldn’t want to display his emotions in front of Sophie.

3hours later Sophie was found sitting at the airport and her 2 bodyguards beside her.She hadn’t spoken to them she was lost in her thoughts. A woman and her daughter were crying as the woman continued cleaning her tears and her daughter’s.Sophie fought had to control her tears.

Her plane was to take off she glanced around for the last time and went inside. She hadn’t noticed the events going around her, it wasn’t her first time since she had traveled on vacations with her parents when she was younger. Phillip had picked up Florence from her house, they had planned to visit Sophie together. The gateman broke the news to them

What do you mean Florence asked

I say your friend don commot.

She looked at phillip who was holding his chin. just then the Bodygaurds arrived and Phillip went to confirm what he just heard, he broke into tears when he realised Sophie was out of the country.

Florence was crying also, they entered the car and he drove Florence to her house. He was driving with too much speed that he didn’t notice the trailer. He drived recklessly, he was involved in a fatal accident and he ……

To be continued.


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